1. You are entering a contest involving the California lottery, by submitting your name and email. No more is required to be entered in the contest.

2. All names become part of a group, which is formed for the purchase of the lottery ticket. Only one name of the group is drawn. That name becomes the group ticket owner. The intent of the group can be to select tickets in a manner which provides better ways to win.

3. The lotto is drawn in public every Wednesday and Saturday. The minimum guarantee by the state is set at $4 million dollars for the Jackpot. See link for further information on the specifics.

4.The group drawing determines which one of the group is selected. This is done proceeding the official drawing. Your name will be entered in the contest for only the upcoming drawing, be it Wednesday or Saturday, and for no further one. To obtain participation in the next group, you will have to register again by visting the site. You may visit the site more than once and obtain a better chance of winning the contest. Each registration is separate and has an equal chance to win. You agree to hold harmless the site owner or others involved, if for equipment failure or any reason, your name is not included on the group drawing.

5. If we are unable to verify the information should you be drawn, then we will draw another from the group, and you will not be the group winner. Disqualification can be for seveal reasons, such as your state prohibits your participation in contests, or you are incapacitated by age or any other reason. Generally if any item of information is true enough for us to contact you by any reasonable means, then you will be the group winner. Our act of disqualification is final and must be such to prevent injustice.

6. The contest is FREE to you. It is totally funded by the site owners and advertising. Purchase of a university ring is suggested, but in no way is required. If you have come this far you have done what the sponsor wants in advertising his product. Nothing further is required in any way whatsoever to be in the lottery.

7. The $15* million is real, USD, and guaranteed by an agency of the STATE OF CALIFORNIA. The $15*million amount could be even greater than this, as this is a typical jackpot. In the past jackpots have been betweent $4 to $50 million dollars.

8. Your chances of winning the lottery are 18,009,460:1 as set by the LOTTO. Read further at the site link given at #3. above, for lots of specifics in the lottery drawing. We adapt by reference those items seen there, the rules and regulations of the lottery, and the laws pertinent thereto of the State of California. You agree to those disclosure requirements.

9. The ticket is held in a safe place, by a member of the group. Procedures for it are subject to audit by the group accountants. You agree if it is a winning ticket to a payment of 5%, to a company specified by the site owners, to defer costs associated with the administration. You agree to allow the group holder to act on behalf of the group in all matters.

10.Your information is confidential to the company, the group, the administrators, and their accountants. You agree it may be used to advertise to you, send email to you, or contact you to let you know you may be a multi-millionaire. You affirm the information as it pertains to you is correct in all material forms.

11.You need not recommend a friend by giving his name and email in the box provided to be in the contest.