Well here is how we think you should go about choosing? We think the critera you should make your decision around are price and availability! If you find that General Ring is best on those, then you should buy from us. The critera which to NOT use is customizing your ring.

Why customizing a ring to you is a wrong move for you.
You may hear if you shop around that the way to go is to order yourself a custom ring with special names on the side, and graduation date on it. The reason we say this is a bad idea are two. We are experts in our market, and we will tell you that teen agers like things the same, not different. They like jeans and tee shirts and other things like that. If they are ask to choose a car they choose the basic models and colors time and time again. So that is the taste of teen agers. You would be going against that if you choose something which is custom, and probably end up not wearing it. Another important reason for buying your ring WITHOUT a year date on it is no teenager wants to announce that he is younger than the crowd. Nothing more embarrassing than getting carded, and having to go it alone because that goon bouncer at the door saw you school ring and grad date on it, put two and two together and gave you the boot. This tells us as one of the larger school ring makers to not push against the taste of our customers, rather sell them something which will fit into their life style. Thus our generic ring. YOU WILL BE HAPPIEST WITH A RING WHICH IS MUCH THE SAME AS WE SELL TO THOUSANDS OF OTHER TEEN AGERS.

We have done our work in getting into the e-tailing end of the ring business. We have found out that to you the cutomer, getting the ring immediately is where most of the enjoyment of ownership is.. You can then wear it on your next date, and show it off to your friends. Telling your friends about what is coming is a bummer. It is not internet immediate. Our research shows that you often feel a whole lot less about your ring, a week later, and two weeks later; especially if it is still has not arrived. How about 8 weeks later? Well that is the delivery schedule most of our competitors offer. They do not have a large INVENTORY IN STOCK, with ring to choose which they will ship to you the next day of your house in a week. Many of our competitors make a lot of future promises, like if you want to change the graduation date at some time, they will make this change. Well we do not allow for that by pricing our ring more. No we sell you the ring for less and tell you, you will never have to worry about changing the ring date. As to the other warranties, guarantees and promises far off in the future, we say this.. What you see is what you get. You are looking at the ring we deliver to thousands of satisfied customers, and are confident you will be happy with it on the day you get it and that there is no defect in it you cannot see because of our quality control procedures.. Future promises are a lot of whooey.

We want to sell our ring to most everyone in the classroom. Just like Levi wants to sell jeans to every one in the class, we do also. We aim to please. In order to do this we must keep our ring affordable and to the fashion taste of the customer. You the teen are our customer, not some teacher or class proctor deciding when you should be allowed a school ring. Thus we make it out of the finest precious metal proven to last a life time. We are proud of the quality of the workmanship which you can readily see in our ring. It is just like any other quality school ring you see. There is nothing to wear out. We are a very large buyer of synthetic rubies ( the same red stone which everyone in the business uses) and synthetic saphires( the blue stone). Through buying in bulk our stones cost us less and we pass that on to you in a less costly ring. Make no mistake, in comparing our stone against any in the market, you will choose ours.

Our competitors ring is the same as ours, but will end up costing you double? WHY IS THAT? Because we pass on the savings to you!
Because we are the manufacturer, and make our rings in huge quantities in the largest factory setting, we realize huge savings and pass these on to you in a price which is about one-half what others will charge you for a school ring. In addition we buy our stones in bulk, and pass those savings on to you. We carry large inventories, and let you select the ring and get immediate delivery. We do not take an order, then go off for months and make up your ring. What you see is what you get. No middle men, and no future promises. You should buy a ring which costs you less money, is proven style and features which the group likes, and you can wear while you are in school, not after you graduate. If you take all this into consideration we are sure you will want to buy our ring.